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Corrections For Annoying BARKING!!!

Do you ever have that time when someone rings the doorbell or there is a random loud noise, and you know what happens next… Tons of barking. Well, there are simple things you can do to Desensitize your dog and prevent this from happening in the future. Fortunately, such as Rite Aid, we have Options!

For our exercisedevices will be using tools. All the tools should be placed in multiple places, so you can nip the unwanted behaviors quickly and efficiently! Tbe hese Tools can be:

  • Empty Shaker Can filled with 5 Pennies. We will be shaking this as soon as the first unwanted bark occurs.
  • Spray Bottle filled with 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar. As soon as the dog performs an unwanted behavior, we will spray in the direction of the dog’s face. If this happens in multiple locations, keep multiple bottles around in each place.
  • If you have an electric collar, this can be used for excessive barking but is completely up to the owner.

One of the biggest problems with dogs is when the Door Bell Rings or you hear Knocks, your dogdoorbellzy. We will be using this door bell as a tool to re-create the environment and then correct the behavior. FdoorbellI like to use the wireless door bell, so I can store it in my pocket. You will ring the door bell Millions of times, correcting them with the selected tools (from above), to desensitize the dog until they react no more to the doorbell or knocking. Please make sure no one is coming in or out of the house during this exercise.

Now let’s work with setting up your dog with success when greeting people who walk in through the door. First, there need to be 2 leashes at the door at all times. These are your only tool to control the situation in emergencies.

Now have someone walk in the door and if an unwanted behavior is experienced, use the selected tool to correct the dog. This will need to be repeated until the dog is desensitized from the situation.

Timing: Time is Everything! You as the owner know when these habits of the dog are going to occur and the correct action needs to take place immediately so the dog can create a correlation between the behavior and corrective action. Also being Pro-Active, being ready and have your tools on hand will help you nip the unwanted behavior quickly.