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Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is a real thing. It can be crippling for your dog and very difficult for you the owner. There are many reasons for Separation Anxiety. It can start when the puppy is whelped by the Breeder. *A reputable Breeder from the day the puppy is born does many exercises to prepare a puppy for the big world.

Another reason a dog may have Separation Anxiety is Breeding. Many times when breeding occurs, an Unstable Temperament gets passed on. Genetics.

3 Secrets That May Stop Anxiety

#1 When leaving, Do Not say anything to your dog. Do Not even make eye contact! As you know, dogs are extremely smart. They know your routine, parents shower, put them outside to potty, feed the dog, hear the hairdryer, perfume ext. The same thing you do every day to get ready for work. Which also means, you are leaving them.

To help with this, you need to desensitize your comings and goings. How to do this is Try several times a day, when you are not working: Grab your Keys or Purse, go outside, and lock your door (normally the Dog hears the door lock). Stay outside for 1 minute and come back in. Do Not acknowledge the dog. The reason is if you come in and are very excited to see your dog, in turn, every time you and your friends come to the house, you may end up with a dog that is jumping on people and their excitability can be overwhelming. We do not want to add bad behaviors. And of course, once you come in after a few minutes, Quietly enjoy your dog.

#2 Exercise is the biggest Stress Reliever. Perhaps have a Dog Walker come in once a day. Or if your Dog is good with other Dogs, a couple days in a Doggie Day Care would be great. Even thou you may have a fenced backyard, many dogs are still not running and realizing their energy buildup. I suggest chucking balls, frisbees, or playing tag. Or if you’re a runner, start to roadwork your dog. Remember not all dogs are able to run due to the health of that Breed. Young Puppies should be walked.

Their bones are so and growing quickly so hard payment should not be done.

#3 Leave a Radio or TV on. Classical Music/Piano is very soothing.

Mental Stimulation as well as Brain Games are very helpful to give the Dog when you leave the house. Kongs stuffed with Cheerios and Peanut Butter, or Kongs stuffed with Kibble Mix with canned food. Some people freeze their Kongs for a frozen treat.

Lick Mats are another great idea. Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese, Bananas, or Pumpkin. It is endless what you can put on the mat. And you can freeze it before you give it to them. Licking creates endorphins, helping to reduce anxiety. You can purchase Lick mats online such as at Amazon.

Veterinarians can prescribe medication but I would suggest working on the steps above. It could take 6 weeks, unfortunately, it takes time to change behaviors.

For additional help, there are Canine Behaviorists. I would talk to your Vet for a recommendation.