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Helpful Hints To Make Your Dogs Stay Comfortable

Your dog follows your lead as well as your emotions. Your dog has confidence that you are his/her leader of the pack. Let’s try to make this transition to board your dog as comfortable as possible.

The owner’s emotions when coming for a consult or on the day of drop-off can set the tone for the Dog’s reaction. Our main focus is to keep the dog feeling confident while the dog is here. He/She will follow your communication with the staff. We realize you may feel guilty, and concerned about your dog’s safety and happiness. I say honestly, a boarding faculty is never going to replace your home with family members. I can also say with the owner and the Boarding Care Assistant, a clear plan will make the transition more comfortable for the dog.

There are some dogs that have Separation Anxiety. Some owners may truly not know what Separation Anxiety symptoms are. Then there are dogs that have SEVER Separation Anxiety. We will discuss this problem in full so the Dog and Boarding faculty are both happy.

Editors Note

For some dog’s the only time they are in th car is either to go to the Vet’s office, Groomer, or Boarding Facility. Unfortunately they do not relate the car ride as a welcoming adventure. This begins the anxiety for many dogs. of the unknown, their emotions are no different than ours of the unknown.

Let us talk first when you come for a Meet and Greet.

  • If you have a nervous dog, I suggest to only bring yourself. If you must, bring your children, you should instruct them to sit quietly when a dog is highly nervous
  • Come in with an upbeat personality. Do Not continually tell your dog it is Alright! Instead, tell your dog they are here to have fun! Both words when said come out of your mouth differently. Some of you may think all this doesn’t matter. No, I am not a Dog Whisperer, but I am trying to communicate to your dog, that there is nothing to be afraid of, as the Caretaker who is responsible for the dog. I must be able to handle the dog safely for him/her, as well as not be bitten. Dogs that are very shy and fearful are much more prone to biting a human. And I do not wish to be bitten by a dog or my helpers.
  • The Meet and Greet are for me to be able to touch your dog and see how he or she reacts to being touched by a stranger. So therefore, if you have to continually hold your small dog in your lap or pet your larger dog, this is a shy or nervous Dog that will not come to me. I do not force a dog to come to me, especially a nervous dog. 95% of the time, I will sit on the floor with a shy dog making me appear smaller and less threatening. Then after about 10 to 15 minutes, the dog will come to me, especially with a Highly Valued Treat.
  • Day of Boarding: Remember your upbeat personality as you walk thru the gates. Allow yourself 10 to 15 minutes to check-in. We do not want you to appear anxious and scrambled. We will verify the correct pickup date, and times, and verify how to feed your dog. Once we have confirmed those details, you will make a QUICK departure. Quick is giving a quick kiss and leaving. No looking back, just leave. If you have dropped a child at Daycare screaming, then you know there is nothing you can do.
  • Things that I recommend to make this your dog’s vacation are Special Food toppings such as cooked Chicken or cooked hamburgers. You are eating out at nice restaurants, so why not your Dog